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"Immobiliare Valtaro" is a serious and highly qualified estate agent, in fact we have been working in the Valtaro and Valceno area since 1960 . We will help you to buy or sell property ensuring your peace of mind by taking care of all your needs and resolving all your problems.

Of course. Our agency will be there to help you every step of the way, from your placing an initial offer to the following sales agreement, right up to the signing of the notary deeds. Only when the sale is complete will our commission be payable.

Once you have found the property you wish to buy , you will be required to fill in a 'Purchase Proposal' form where the most important purchase details will be stipulated, such as the price, form of payment and sale/purchase deadlines. A small sum of money will be paid by you as a deposit at this stage. Payment must be by cheque made out to the seller. Should your offer not be accepted, your cheque will be returned and it will be up to you whether or not to make a successive offer or to look for a different property. On the other hand, when your offer is accepted an official sales agreement will be drawn up. At this point you will need to make a down payment on the property which is usually a sum equal to 10% of its total value. All the forms we use for our sales/purchase agreements are supplied by F.I.A.I.P. ( Federazione Italiana Agenti Immobiliari Professionali – Italian Federation Of Professional Estate Agents ).They are easy to read and transparent , registered at the CCIAA in Parma and approved by the most important Consumers Associations.

Apart from the fee you must pay to the agency for our services, to be paid only when the deeds have been signed, expenses and taxes are diversified as follows: should you be buying a house from a private individual with 'first home benefits' (this must be a house intended as a main home and comes with the obligation of residence), the taxes amount to 2% as well as the sum of €100 for Land Registry and Mortgage Fees. Whereas, should the house be considered a 'second home' (where the buyer will not take up permanent residence but inhabit the house only on occasions, for example as a holiday home)) the taxes will amount to 9%. The taxes will be calculated as a percentage on the purchase value as registered in the deeds. Fees must also be paid to the notary for the registration of the sales/purchase act, and if necessary for the formalization of any mortgage contract.

Of course. It is our common practice to carry out on-line investigations at the central land registry office to ensure that there are no legal impediments to the sale and transfer of the property we are dealing with.

Our agency has agreements stipulated with the leading credit institutions in the area, offering our clients an extra service for financing at the lowest possible cost.

We can give you all the help you need for future building work, from simple maintenance, to renovation or rebuilding of the property bought, thanks to our collaboration with local professionals in this sector, such as surveyors and architects who will then in turn contact local craftsmen, builders or building companies to carry out any necessary work.

The sales proposal shown on this site are protected by an exclusive sales policy entrusted to us by the legitimate property owners. No other estate agency or private individual can use this means – whosoever should directly or indirectly avail themselves of this site or any other means, does not conform to the principals of correct professional conduct, is induced into damaging other companies and will be prosecuted by law as prescribed by the Civil Code, Art. 2598 .

For further information info@immobiliarevaltaro.it

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